Terms Of Use

We – Payday Cashback, You – Customers, Partners -Advertisers are entered into a 3 way transaction whereby, we are paid to share/publish available deals to you the customer, customers can save money on deals, and collect cashback when it becomes available. Advertisers work with us to submit special offers such as promo codes, special offers, and cashback (approved) when it is then sent to us Payday Cashback, where we notify you the customer, or you login and check your cashback & claim it. We share 50% of the ad revenue with our customers on most, not all deals. Exclusions apply.

To use this website you agree you are responsible for checking prices, entering promo codes, and logging in correctly prior to purchase, to allow cashback to be paid out. If for example you don’t allow cookies, or fail to claim the cashback in time, you will not be paid any amount of cashback displayed in your account. You must use the claim form to claim your cashback each month. We recommend you login monthly, so you can keep up to date with your account.

*Non-members can claim deals, promo codes, and special offers, featured on this site. **But will not be eligible for cashback.

First time codes can be used once, and may require registration, or phone/email subscription. Some shops offer ongoing promotions & coupon codes you can use as a registered, or new customer. If you have previously owned an account, or used the same email/phone number, you may be refused the discount, or cashback on return. This is not decided by us.

We work with global partners, and you may need to switch currency when you shop away from our site. All the prices shown are the represented/estimated amount. This does not include the daily exchange rate, or any exchange fees your bank may charge, for example credit cards. All offers are correct at the time of printing, but are subject to change. The partner/advertiser has the right to change an offer, or restrict their offers to a limited number. Also, some offers may not be available to some customers in some regions, due to size/weight/shipping/other. You can contact the store to check international shipping fees, and minimum purchase (over seas). And you can still claim cashback where available.