Payday Cashback is a leading Deals & Cashback site for shops in the UK, USA, Canada & Europe. Though there are many global deals & discounts available, both on and offline. For instance, many stores offer international shipping.

The great thing about Payday Cashback is that you can save more money than your average cashback site. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, you can also check out our blog & deals pages.

Payday Cashback was founded by Harmony John-Baptiste who had the idea in mind for quite some time. She owns several money saving websites, such as gamesconsoles.net, and there are many more deals sites on the way.

Another great feature is our wish list feature, you can make a wedding present, birthday, or Christmas wish list, and hopefully you won’t get two of the same. Everyone can use the wish list, then share it socially, or with friends & family.

New feature on the way, I am considering a personal shopper service, but that may have to wait for now. Contact me if you’re interested in having a free payday personal shopper (c).

Knowing how tight things are for the working class & single parents, & disabled/unemployed, these deal sites are there to provide the highest standard of quality & value for everyone. If you’re minted you can also shop at Payday Cashback and save a few.

This website is still in it’s early stages, and we still run some experimental features. But we would be ever so grateful if you could share the news about any deal you happen to find, or stumble upon. And you can register and invite friends too.

Thanks for visiting this site. I hope it saves you lots of money!