How Payday Cashback Works

Cashback is a great way to buy things for less. Though it takes a few days, or a few weeks to clear. Cashback gives you unexpected earnings & rewards when you need money at the end of the month. Most of our deals pay out in as little as 10 days. Some shops can take up to 90 days.

The idea is to shop at places that have what you’re looking for. The first time shop will usually generate more cashback than subsequent shops.

What’s Different About Payday Cashback?

We want our customers to be happy. We choose top online shops, web stores, promo codes, deals, vouchers & coupons, we know offer the best value. On top of which, shoppers can claim cashback. We offer the best of everything PROMO CODES + AMAZING DEALS + GENEROUS CASHBACK!

We REVIEW the best products & stores. You can learn more about our tested products in our reviews page. We thought we’d skip the blog part. Now shoppers can jump the queue, and find top deals in half the time. Quality Over Quantity is our motto! Every deal’s hand picked & approved.

Follow These Instructions To Claim Cashback

You must have a registered account, and remember to claim your cashback before the expired date. Use cashback claim form.
  • Shop directly from the shop/deal/coupon (allow cookies).
  • You’ll see the tracked pending purchases in your account.
  • All cashback is pending, approved, and paid, or not approved.
  • Fill out the claim form to claim the approved cashback *min.
  • Choose your cashback method when you submit the form.

What Is The Minimum Cashback I can Withdraw?

The minimum cashback withdrawal is £20/$25. All cashback must be tracked, approved, paid out, and claimed by you before we can pay you.

When cookies are disallowed/ad blockers are on, cashback might not work. Accept all cookies to receive cashback!

Coupon Codes (Backend) Deals (Front End)

We have combined two systems in order to bring customers the best value. If you want to look for coupons, you can visit all stores, and see the cashback amount available. Those stores & the cashback work 100% (provided you’re logged in). The feature side, or front end is more for guests & visitors to make quick buys, and view the latest deals. Members may receive cashback on deals. Especially if they click out through the store button. We are not yet certain if the daily deals pay out cashback, but we will keep you informed. The same applies to adverts.