Triple Chamber Smoker BBQ & Grill

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Did someone say BBQ? We have a special deal for you! How would you like to entertain in style, and save the best till last? You can with this 3 in 1 BBQ (only £29.99). It’s a smoker, grill and BBQ. It has 3 layers which can be adjusted and used in the way you need.

We usually have the best times meeting & greeting all our friends & neighbours, and having a barbecue is the best way to get the families together over the holidays. If not in the garden, then in the park. Don’t miss out on this special offer.

Smoking Food Ways To Smoke Food

Cured Meats, Salmon, Haddock, Mackerel, Oysters, Duck, Cheese, Veggies, & Spices.

Using the technique of wood, with the power of smoke. Each wood has a unique flavour.

Whether you’re a carnivore or vegetarian/vegan, you can still smoke a variety of foods, and they taste great. An example of this would be smoked veggies (umami style), condiments. Make life a little bit more interesting, spice up your life, and impress the guests.

You can smoke fish before you cook it, or smoke meat/duck after cooking it medium-rare/rare, and make your own vegetable preserves (in oil/dry). Just ideas to help you get started.. Make dips like smoked aubergine dip, served in the middle east with flatbread & pomegranate. These smoked dips have many varients & names Baba Ganoush, Mirza Ghasemi, depending on location. And you can also make soups, salads & vulavents. The taste is extremely rich, deep, and satisfying, with a melt in the mouth texture (out of this world).

Learn how to smoke & preserve food. You could optionally dehydrate the food once the smoke clears. The possibilities are endless!

My personal favourites are: smoked duck with fig jam, and smoked aubergine (eggplant) dip, with pomegranate salad/garnish.

Cashback is available on this offer if you click the tag/store, and register for cashback on our website. But you can still claim this great deal without it. You can smoke cheese, asparagus, tomatoes, paprika, aioli,

While stocks last. Expires 12th July.

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