Personal Shopper Service

Why Have A Personal Shopper?

Many people with busy lifestyles have little or no time to shop. Shopping in store, or online can be time consuming. Now we offer the personal shopper experience! Our personal shopper service can be a life saver when you’re busy.

How Personal Shopping Works

Send us a few images, brands you like, and your size & height measurements. And we will create some new looks and styles for you. You’ll receive your orders as often as you like (weekly/monthly).

High Quality & Huge Savings

You will LOVE the quality of what we order, compared to many stores who overcharge for imitation & generic items. What doesn’t fit or suit you can be sold on, or given away.

Returns & Exchange

Most items ordered through personal shopper service are non-refundable. Faulty items require supporting evidence. You’ll usually be offered a replacement for a damaged item (not a refund).

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Personal Shopper?

Our Personal Shopper Service is 100% FREE!

While our service is free, we get paid via commissions and tips. *Minimum spend applies.

What sort of items do personal shoppers buy? Many people like to restock on shirts, smalls, toiletries, cleaning & household products, gifts & birthday cards, chocolate & wine, fashion & accessories, home accessories, and the latest gadgets.

We can also order personalized items, engraved items, corporate gifts, Retro & Vintage.

Items Delivered

  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Essential Accessories
  • Skincare & Haircare
  • Decor & Ambiance
  • DIY & Gardening
  • Gadgets & Devices
  • Books & Games
  • Wine, Liquor, Bubbly
  • Hobbies & Crafts
  • Gifts/Parties/Celebrations

Delivery Exclusions

  • Perishable Products
  • Regulated & Prohibited
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Extreme Or Hateful
  • Knives & Blades
  • E/Cannabis/Edibles
  • Interactive Supplements
  • Currencies/Cash
  • Sharp Tools
  • Heavy Goods

Get A Personal Shopper!

Having a personal shopper is super fun, you get mystery products & items with every order, delivered straight to your door!

Tell us a bit more about you to get started