Payday Cashback Membership

Payday Cashback is a unique Cashback site to help you save time & money. Get extra value on all online purchases, with just a click. You can save anywhere between £$1-£$250 on every purchase made via Payday cashback (depending on % T&C apply). Cashback is eligible on Special Offers & Exclusive Deals.

How To Use This Site

Shopper have the option to use codes, vouchers, deals, special offers, and exclusive deals without the need to register. But loyal shoppers are rewarded, and paid out cashback on top of savings.

Payday Cashback is an old phrase or keyword that some of you will remember. Before the term “Cashback” it was “Payday Cashback”, because cashback creates an additional payday in the month. Also, we chose the name because we want people to save up, and not spend more than they should. The value we bring to our customers is 50% of our commission 1-40% cashback, on your first purchase.

Payday Cashback T&C

Only registered members are eligible for cashback on their purchases. Whether that’s through special deals, coupons, or visiting the shop directly. You need to be a member to claim cashback privileges & rewards, login, and agree to our advertising, cookie & privacy policies.

How To Claim Cashback On Our Site

Customers must claim their cashback within the set period of time (tracking time/email notice). Cashback not claimed will not be eligible. Cashback is only valid on your 1st shop. You can choose how you would like to be paid VOUCHERS PAYPAL CREDIT CASH.

First Time Promo Codes & Sign Up Coupons

First time codes for stores & online shops. You must be a new customer, and register a new account, or sign up via email. In the case you have a deleted/old account, some stores may overlook this. But offers are eligible for one account. Creating multiple accounts may exclude you from any first time discounts, coupons, cashback, and so on.

To enable correct tracking of your purchase, and cashback fulfilment, you should accept cookies both on our website, and the store you wish to claim cashback on. Turning off ad blocker will also help you to get the right amount of cashback. After you finish shopping, you may wish to reset these (optionally).

Advertising Disclaimer/Policy

Payday Cashback uses advertising links and makes money from the purchases you make. Whilst bringing value & offers to our readers, we may earn commissions.

Our Partners & Returns/Refunds

We only partner with top advertisers/brands, and we work on a daily basis to bring you the best deals & cashback. Advertisers or purchases that don’t fulfil their promise will be removed from this site. Shoppers who fail to claim their cashback will not be paid. Shoppers purchases are made on 3rd party websites (shops/stores). If you need to make a refund, or exchange, you must contact the shop directly. Depending on their policy, you may be offered an exchange or refund within a few days. And you should always use the correct packaging, and return as new.

Quality Over Quantity

Our focus is on high quality, high value, & convenience. While it is unlikely you will find a bad deal on our site, on occasion you will, like any other shopping, be pleased, or not. It is the buyers responsibility to check sizes, colours, and details of their order, and read the terms & conditions.

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Most of our customers are extremely satisfied by their shopping experience with us. And we would appreciate your review of your experience with us. 🙂