How To Use Payday Cashback

How To Use Payday Cashback & Claim Cashback Rewards (cash or vouchers).

  1. You need to register a user account
  2. You must be logged in to claim CB
  3. Shop as usual but allow all cookies
  4. After your shop we will contact you
  5. When the tracking is cleared we pay

It’s easy to claim cashback just by being a member. But cashback is only payable on your first shop (new customers only). Any subsequent commissions will be go towards admin costs.

How Much Cashback Is The Minimum?

£8/$10 is the minimum and you’ll get it as soon as it’s in. If you haven’t received any notification from us, check your spam folder, add us to your whitelist, or just send us an email. Although that isn’t that much, it can come in handy. It can buy you and a friend a coffee or two. And we like a coffee too!

As you know, we partner with brands to help give our readers the best deals, codes, and savings possible. Without us, and other codes & cashback sites, you may not be able to save. And without you, we may not be able to review stores.

So we appreciate your custom, cooperation, and loyalty. And that’s the reason we offer cashback, to reward you. In a world where everything seems to be about money, we feel it’s important to also remember to have a good time, care & share, and do our best to spread some happiness.

Myself and the team wish you an action packed, and fun Summer to remember.

Stay safe, and save save save. Life is a little dull without a few treats, and fun days. So make sure that you make time for YOU, and YOUR FAMILY.

Harmony – Life Coach & Blogger