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Are business software licenses becoming too expensive? There is a way forward. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but developer licenses are licenses that can be used multiple times (hundred times). And OEM license keys are also for multiple uses. Some people sell or trade their licenses.

That’s how you can save yourself a bundle on professional software, ready to download (genuine original), and you simply buy the code, key, or license. This is a loophole, and is not actually illegal. Though some user license agreements may specify otherwise.

At the moment you can get your hands on Anti-Virus, Cleaners, VPN, Creative Software, Office Software, Windows, and many more. Just think about how much you could save…

There are 2 websites that I know that make this possible. Game websites, which also sell software keys. And those are Gamivo UK & Gamivo US. Now, take your pick, and see how much you can save. And view all of the software keys that are available for you today.

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